Carpet is certainly one of the important elements of the interior to which we often do not pay enough attention. Whether it is placed as a “pedestal” in the dining room, as a central element in the living room or as a kind of “2d” link between different functional units, the right choice of carpet can make a significant change in the final impression of space. In cooperation with the renowned long-term carpet manufacturer SagaSaga, it is a great pleasure to complete each project with a custom made product adapted to space with a motif, colour, texture and shape. Carpets are made of wool, viscose, silk or even a combination of the above, either in the technique of tufting, top quality knotting technique or in a sheared or curly texture… all according to the client’s wishes. Apart from our own interior projects, it is a great pleasure and challenge to work on the projects of fellow designers and architects, as well as for inde- pendent clients who want to refresh the existing space with just one such product.